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In the course Communicative packaging design at Mid Sweden University an exchange of fika experiences with Japanese students at three schools was made. We were assigned to create a visual concept and packaging for japanese senbei cookies and green tea for a swedish market, and the japanese students had to create a swedish fika concept for a japanese market. 


The thought behind our brand name was born from the tea leafs we use in our tea (Blad is the swedish word for leaf, or 葉 in japanese). Blad’s vision and strategy is about taking a break from work or daily life and sit down to have a nice and social time where you can put your thoughts on other things. To avoid talking about weather, weekend plans or scrolling your facebook-feed on every coffee break, we included a simple word game in our tea packaging. This way, together with our tasteful tea and our game, you will have a nice moment together to be social and have fun.

The packaging for the tea and cookie box serves both as protection for the cookies as well as a serving tray. The beautiful pattern on the packaging inspired by the leaves of the green tea encourages the buyer to hopefully reuse the packaging, making it more sustainable.

The prototypes are cut and constructed by hand.

Collaboration with Sandra Walter, Sandra Sohlman and Amanda Uggla Lingvall.

Exhibited at Tokyo Pack, Tokyo Japan, 2016

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